Jan 15th-21st
Monday – 11am – 3pm CP JV/Varsity
Tuesday  – 630am CP Men Varsity; 11am – 3pm JV/Varsity
Wednesday – 630am CP Men Varsity; 11am – 3pm JV/Varsity; 3pm CCPC IS
Thursday – 8am CP JV; 11am Cal Poly Polo Meeting @ TBA; 3pm CCPC IS
Friday – 630am CP Men Varsity; 3pm CP Women
Megan and rig heading to Indio for NYTS/Joe Barry Memorial – Charlie, Luke, Cory, Cassidy, Charlize
Saturday – 10 am Stick and Ball; 12pm CP Men Varsity
Sunday – 2pm Cal Poly Women
 Upcoming Games:

January 20th/21st USPA YPO @ Eldorado Polo Club

January 27th Cal Poly vs. UCSB @ CCPC

January 28th Cal Poly vs. USC @ CCPC

February 9th/10th Cal Poly Women vs. Harvard Women @ CCPC; CCPC Girls Varsity vs. Harvard Women

February 16th – 19th Polochella @ Empire Polo Club

February 23rd – 25th USPA West Open IS Regionals @ CCPC

March 9th – 11th USPA West Intercollegiate Regionals @ CCPC

March 16th – 18th USPA West Girls Interscholastic @CCPC

March 21st-25th USPA Open National Championship @ Cornell

April 2nd – 8th USPA National Intercollegiate Championships @ Santa Barbara Polo Club

April 11th – 15th USPA Girls National Championship @ UVA